television and film production

Suppose you are looking for a partner to produce creative story-driven video content for television or film. In that case, our network of crews has years of experience producing numerous content for network television and film production studios. If you need to hire a local New Orleans video production team, we are here to help you gather human resources to build a crew for your needs. Please reach out to us to inquire more about your potential project. We are here to help you actualize your vision from the scratch to completion.

Commercial Video Production
Does your business or product need commercial video? Now more than ever, video commercials are highly effective at growing your business. We will help you distribute the commercial through television networks, social media, and other web outlets. Social media video commercials are highly targetable - leaving a strong impression on already a strong lead that can bring you more business.
corporate video production
Does your corporation need a compeling video? Suppose your company needs a motivating internal video or a marketing video or a strategy video for consumer research purposes, we are here for you. Our experienced crew can capture video for whatever your business need.
electronic news-gathering (eng)
If you are a network or an independent journalist looking to gather stories in New Orleans greater area, we are here to help. We have years of experience working in the field of journalism. We can work independently or with a reporter to gather the story you need for your news outlet.
Have you considered reaching out to your potential customer through your social media? We can help you brand your business with a strong impression using video content. We can work with your budget to produce a short format video for your business. It could be an impactful brand content or a documentary-style short video to inform your business to your prospect leads with highly targeted video ads.
electronic press kit (epk)
Are you a musician who is looking to brand your next album? Or are you a feature film producer looking for an EPK video to produce a behind-the-scene content for your next big film? Our team will cover your feature film and music video film for behind-the-scenes and feature film promotion purposes. The client will be able to use this material for marketing purposes and documentation of the film production. We can also produce a behind-the-scene documentary for marketing purposes. We will collaborate with your team to come up with ideas, bring our equipment to record your production, and edit it into a documentary format you can add to your marketing material or for special feature documentary along with the release of the film.
music video production
If you are a musician looking for a music video producer, we are here to help you. We can flush out your idea from inception and bring it home to completion. We have years of experience making music videos for many different musicians and bands. We can work with your budget to actualize your music video.
live streaming service
Does your business or a community group need to stream your content live? We are here to help streamline the live stream process with ease. We can produce content with high-quality video feeds with multiple camera coverage on any platform you wish to broadcast your event.
magazine film & photo shoots
If you are a publisher looking for local assistance with your magazine content gathering in New Orleans, we can help. We can research, gather information, and build a crew catered for your needs.
japanese & english bilingual production

Suppose you are a television and film producer looking for a bilingual Japanese and English production crew in New Orleans greater area. We are here to help you support your production. We have years of experience in production working with Japanese speaking staff in the United States.


video business card

If you are a small business owner looking to have promotional video content for your business, we are here to help. We can create a short, concise video business card that you can send to your potential clients.

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